Thing 13 – K12 Conference

I attended a conference called Everything Apps.  This conference discussed apps for the pre-K through 12 classroom.  The main points were to provide free and low priced educational apps to use within the classroom.  I was interested in this session because I tried very hard to use ipads in my Language Arts classroom this past year, but I had a hard time finding a variety of good, solid apps for my 5th graders.  Although my students love playing Scrabble and 7 Little Words, I was constantly searching for apps to use for reading comprehension.  In addition to my 5th grade LA class, I also teach a remedial 4th grade reading class.  These students love using the ipads, and I am very interested in finding more exciting apps to incorporate into this class next year. 

Naomi Harm taught a thorough and friendly presentation.  The apps she described were divided by categories, and I was able to focus on the storytelling apps.  I am excited to use Blurb Mobile, Toontastic, and Sockpuppets with my students.  I think the children will love writing their own script and using audio narration to tell their stories.  While creating stories, I will be able to teach and stress the reading comprehension strategies in a unique way. 

I also have a hard time finding “fun” grammar apps for the students to practice skills.  I enjoyed learning about Naomi’s teacher recommeded apps, and I am anxious to try them out as well. 

This online conference was a clever way to teach me something new —  thanks!



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